Puppy Adoption Process

If you are ready to purchase a puppy or put down a deposit than just follow these steps.

1. Read the Lifetime Health Guarantee Contract  and if you are having your puppy shipped,      Review our Shipping Page prior to putting down a deposit.


2. Ask any questions you may have.


3. Fill out our Puppy Application(We will get back to you within 24 hours)


4. If you are approved you can submit a deposit with this contract.


5. Fill out, sign and return The Lifetime Health Guarantee Contract


6. Read our Puppy Info Packet and our Puppy Manual to get ready for your new family member!! (We will e-mail you the Puppy Manual)


7. Call or E-mail to set up a day and time to come see the pups and pick out the one you want.

Pick up days are on Saturday's.  Contact us if you need to do another day (Extra fees will apply due to having to re-arrange the dogs/kids routines)

We do occasionally meet if requested.   See Map to Us here.

If you are having your puppy shipped, we will take care of all shipping arrangements and will do so 1 week prior to puppys ready to go date.

Unless prior arrangement is made any pups left here after 8 weeks will be an additional $100 per week for boarding, grooming, training, vaccinations, worming etc. and is Non-Refundable.


This does not apply to those purchasing older pups unless you elect to leave them here longer. This is for those who want to leave the pup here for longer due to vacation, work schedule etc.

to cover additional shots, food, care and training.



Deposits and Payments:

* We require a non-refundable deposit of Four Hundred Dollars to hold any puppy.

    (Can be transferred to a different available puppy) However, if you do so after having a deposit down on a puppy for more than 2 weeks $200 will be deducted from the deposit.

* The $400 deposit will be deducted from the final purchase price.

 * $400 of the purchase price is considered a deposit regardless if you pay a deposit or pay in full.

 * Puppies are chosen in the order we receive the deposits.

 * There is an extra 4% fee if you pay via CC (Square, PayPal) that means if you are paying a deposit of $400 then add $16 for the fee's so total would be $416. If you do not add it it will be added to your balance due.

If your puppy application is approved, we will e-mail you a deposit contract, Print, and return this contract with your deposit, your deposit will not be applied to puppy/VIP list until it is received.

We do not hold puppies without a deposit.


Please use one of the following Payment Options:

 This is a Non-Refundable Puppy Deposit

Credit Card or PayPal - There is an extra 4% fee for either of these,

 Cash (at pickup is fine, but not for a deposit)

 Wal-Mart Money Gram

 Direct Bank Transfer (Full Payments Only)


We do not accept Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders of any kind.

Due to Minnesota State Law, if you pick your puppy up in the state of Minnesota, we must charge sales tax of 7.35%. That will be added to the price of your puppy


I retain the right to terminate any adoption at any time for any reason until puppy is delivered.
(of course deposit is refunded, if I should terminate)