Blowing Coat


Twice a year the new guard coat coming in and pushes the undercoat out resulting in profuse shedding or “blowing coat”. The shedding process usually takes from three to six weeks, with a new coat growing in during the next four to six weeks. During the active shedding period, groom your dog daily.


The Large Furminator Tool can be used to remove big clumps of loose hair. Then start at the head brushing against the lay of the coat, lay your hand below the coat rake and pull a little hair at a time up from under your hand and continue working toward the back of the dog.  While brushing, spray a fine mist of your water/conditioner mix to help loosen tangles and prevent breakage. Horse Mane and Tail detangler works great on dogs as well!


A warm bath once a week can really help loosen the hair and shorten the length of time they blow their coats.


Here are some pics of my Sibes during their blowing coat,



This is Comet, 1st brushing of the week (2nd Pic) All Nice & Clean (wet, but clean)


Notice he still has hair waiting to blow, we do this 2 times a week for 3 weeks.  



Siberian Huskies Blowing Coat

Siberian Husky Blowing Coat
Siberian Husky Blowing Coat 2
Siberian Husky Blowing Coat 3