Puppy Information

Some of our puppy info packet topics can still be found in the columns below but due to un-ethical breeders linking to our info and telling people we worked together (and we do not)  I have converted most topics into our Puppy Manual. Which is a PDF that will be e-mailed to buyers once a deposit is put down. Our puppy manual is over 40 pages and was written by me. It covers many topics which I add to as needed. It currently has detailed topics including but not limited to:
Important Information
Detailed Puppy Supply List
Stress and Disease Prevention
What to Watch Out For
Keeping Puppy Healthy
Vaccinations and Vet Care
Bringing Puppy Home
 Feeding your Puppy
When to Switch to Adult Food
Monitoring Health
Understanding Canine Behavior
House Training
Behavior Problems
Puppy Socialization
Obedience Training
Tips for a Well Behaved Puppy
The Mouthing Puppy
NuVet Vitamins


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Mushing Equipment &  Information

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