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Here are some videos of what a normal well-bred Siberian Husky is like, there are exceptions, especially amongst rescue dogs that do not come from reputable breeders. Reputable breeders take their dogs back and not allow them to be in a rescue or shelter. Most rescue dogs come from puppy mills or uneducated people (These dogs come from places who only want the money and will not take the dogs back) Don't support these places, support a reputable breeder who health tests and guarantees the dogs health and temperament

The Siberian Husky

Meet the Siberian Husky
Dogs 101-Siberian Husky



Siberian Huskies and Children


Siberian Huskies and Baby
Siberian Huskies and Babies 2
Husky and Baby



Siberian Huskies and Cats and other Small Animals


Siberian Huskies do have a strong prey drive towards smaller animals (small dogs, cats, rodents, birds etc.) However, if you introduce them young and raise your Siberian Husky with cats and other small animals from a young age you should have no problems but always supervise just as you would with small children.


Siberian Husky and his cat Rabbit and Husky Husky and Guinea Pig
Siberian Husky and Kitten Rabbits vs Huskies Husky and Baby Chick
Husky vs Cat- Best Friends Husky cuddling with bunny Husky and Small Parrot
Cat and her Pack of Huskies Husky Petting Bunny Bird feeds Husky Spaghetti!
    Husky and Owl Chilling!
    Owl and Husky- Best Friends
    Cockatoo and Husky



Siberian Huskies Blowing Coat

Siberian Husky Blowing Coat
Siberian Husky Blowing Coat 2
Siberian Husky Blowing Coat 3