Some of My Siberians Ancestors


Here at Aruff Ranch we have based our breeding program on the very best the breed has to offer in showing, mushing and loving family companions. It is through hard work and dedication that we can  enjoy the quality of Siberian that we have today. 
Some of our dogs ancestors include
CH Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar, the only Siberian Husky to win the distinct honor of "Best in Show" at the Westminster Kennel Club Show held annually at Madison Square Gardens in New York.
This dog combined with other top dogs of the breed such as:
CH Innisfree's Pegasus,
AM & CAN. CH Innisfree's Red Roadster,
AM & CAN. CH Innisfree's Kismet,
Innisfree's Return Engagement
AM & CAN , Innisfree's Chips Ahoy CD,
CH Kristari's Spectator,
CH Kristari's Joe Montana, 
CH Kristari's On My Visa, 
CH Kristari's Erlene
We also have Top Sledding Line's
Anadyr                   Seppala 
Northomes            Whitemoon
Herness               Little Alaska
Alaskan's              Sepp-Alta 
Markovo             Arctic Sound
All truly outstanding champions and top producers of their time. It is through the time proven, unmatched quality and integrity of fine dogs that we can offer you,  our customer, a truly high quality pup with an excellent temperament, well suited as a show prospect,
sled dog, or loving companion.

Here are some of our Ancestors We have over 400 photos on file of our ancestors.
Each Photo is copyrighted to thier respective owners, and were only scanned by me. 


Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar

Cinnar is the only Siberian Husky to win the distinct honor of "Best in Show" at the Westminister Kennel Club Dog show held annually at Madison Square Gardens in New York!


    Other Top Siberian Huskys that are major points in our breeding program


Am & Can CH

Innisfree's Fire & Frost 

#1 Siberian in 92 &  93


Am & Can  CH
Innisfree's Pegasus


Am & Can CH Innisfree's Red Roadster

 CH Tanacross Domivoy O' Cherskiy

CH Innisfree On Safari

CH Innisfree's Oomachuk 

Am CH Kristari's Spectator  

CH  Innisfree's Tradewind

CH  Innisfree's Tradewind


CH Kristari's Joe Montana


Am CH Kristari's On My Visa 

CH Sekene's Silver Lining


Am CH Innisfree's Marquessa

CH  Alakazans Nikolai 


Am CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy 


   CH Kaila Beau Bleu of Rusojhn

Am CH Kristari's Erlene


 AM & CAN. CH Kristari's Pacific Skyline  

  CH Monadnock's Pando